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4/2015 - Arlington Magazine - Screwtop Wine Bar in Clarendon is urging wine-lovers to put their eco-consciousness in a glass.

Truly Amazing Women - Founder & Chief Executive Wino of screwtop - Wendy Buckley

7/2011 - View from the 11th Floor Blog - Our Girl's Night Out at screwtop

7/2011 - Washington Flyer - Newish Winebars in D.C.

4/2011 - Cheese & Champagne Blog - {DC Cheese} Grilled Cheese at Screwtop Wine Bar

2/2011 - Northern Virginia Magazine - Proof Positive - Wining and Dining is just fine at screwtop



10/14 - Metrocurian - Wine Stores We Love

8/31 -
Screwtop: Shaping up to be a great local haunt

8/20 - Washington-area neighborhoods: In Clarendon, look beyond the chain stores

5/21 - D.C. Foodies : screwtop wine bar reviewed

3/5 - Girl Meets Food: Give Me a Home, Where the Buffaloaf Roam

2/12 - Screwtop: Just what Clarendon ordered
By Fritz Hahn

12/16 - Sip: Screwtop Winebar

12/15 - Screwtop Twists Open in Clarendon

12/14 - To Syrah, with Love

December 2009 - New to the Neighborhood

December 2009 - Bottle Rocket

9/19 - metrocurean blog - Coming Soon: Screwtop Wine Bar


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