Zoom Wine Club Tasting

Wine is so much better with friends! Winos Unite and join us for our monthly wine club tasting. If you can’t make the tasting, you can always follow along with the recording later at a time of your leisure! It’s very casual and a great way to connect with other wine club members.

Nov 7th – Thanksgiving Wines, 7pm

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October 3rd. Malbecclick here for Power Point
Click here for October Zoom Video use Passcode: 5?QMjO&0

Sorry…September’s Zoom was not recorded.

August Wine Club – Italian Islands Zoom – Friday August 7th
Italian Islands (click here for presentation & below for Zoom Recording)

Part 1 https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/zMtKHbevyEhJaZ3NtGXuV4MMFLXuaaa80Hca_vAFyUqSQl4dLJHsYH0-c-DFqkzz Password: H!%x9qAm
Part 2 https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/5elvL73i0U1IbaPQ8FqPVpQNBIH8aaa8hCNMq6FenUfPBFJahm-vwd4Zoud2ojAI Password: *2?hU6$$

All American Wine Zoom – Friday July 10th
1. List of presenters
2. Wine Club Notes: Explorer, Adventurer & Smooth Sailing Rose Club
3. Recorded Call Link: Use password: 9t?&h^1Q


Past Calls/Presentations:

June Portuguese Wines
Click here to view recorded session.
You will need a passcode: 7a+2$$?r

Click here to view the Powepoint presentation on Portuguese wines